Kentinental Engineering (KE) was established in 1965, the company originally manufactured wooden and tubular steel office furniture and photocopier cabinets but, these were unable to meet our changing clients’ needs in terms of colour, design, damage in transit and reduction in weight. So, during the early 1980’s we replaced them with colour matched sheet metal designs.

In 1989 our highly innovative, patented metal flat pack cabinet was launched, revolutionising the market by reducing the cost of freight, storage and damage in transit.

From 1994 KE moved solely to bespoke designs that matched each OEM client’s products for height, colour and design features, with many cabinets incorporating a mixture of steel and colour matched plastic doors and stability components.

During 2003 our first photocopier cabinets were manufactured in Asia Pacific allowing KE to provide cost effective solutions on a global basis.

We now have an established global supply chain of OEM client specified and approved products from the UK and Asia Pacific manufacturing sites, or from our stocks held in Asia Pacific, European and USA warehouses.