How it works


Dem-Truk folding and collapsible trolleys are designed to help you easily load, unload and transport equipment such as medical, office, catering or beverage machines and more.

The Dem-Truk allows one person to do the job of several

Loading and unloading is easy due to the DemTruk's adjustable height mechanism. the Dem-Truk equipment trolley is collapsible, allowing you to store right next to your equipment during travel.

Opening or Folding the undercarriage takes only seconds to complete.

Please take 2 minutes to watch the video.

4 step set up procedure

  • Easily lift the undercarriage from your vehicle and place it on the ground
  • Lift the side walls
  • Pull the side walls apart until you hear the device locking pins engage
  • Set the desired height of the side walls and slide the pallet base onto the undercarriage.
  • Height adjustment from 700mm to maximum of 900mm in 45mm increments alt="" />

Vehicle Loading

  • Present your securely strapped load
  • Apply the brake
  • Disengage the pallet by releasing the secure lock
  • Roll the loaded pallet on its front mounted loaded wheels into the vehicle

4 step folding procedure

    • Lower the platform supports by simply lift the latch on each side
    • squeeze side walls together to release locking pins
    • fold the side wall downward to collapse the trolley base
    • Place the undercarriage in your vehicle, that can stow neatly alongside your equipment

To unload at your destination simply reverse the procedure

Its that simple and that safe

Download PDF Instructions: