Colour – Standard product colour is Pantone colour "560 U" Green hammer finish, the product can be produced in bespoke colours to suit client needs. Please contact us for minimum batch volumes.

Folding - for reduced storage space .The undercarriage folds to only 20cm wide by 31cm high and 92cm long. The standard unit is 26cm wide when folded.

Height Adjustment the pallet height is adjustable from 700mm to 900mm in 45mm increments for use with estate cars, vans, MPV’s, SUV’s, 4 x4’s and hatch backs.

Pallet Handles - Additional handles can be purchased which can reverse, to allow easy carrying of equipment up stairs.

Pneumatic Rear Tyre option to provide maximum protection when transporting delicate equipment over rough surfaces.

Positive Braking on both rear wheels ensure the safety of people and equipment.

Pallet Front Loading Wheels ensures smooth rolling action of the separated pallet in and out of the vehicle making moving heavy items easy.

Load Straps – can be secured crossways and lengthways to ensure load security.

Door Glides providing easier passage through doors.