KE can offer cabinet products in metal, wood or plastic and can advise client on optimum solution depending on product design requirement.


Copier Cabinet Material Selection Guide

Criteria Metal Plastic Wood
High strength to weight ratio
Efficient & simple flat pack construction
Reduced weight
Superior aesthetics, excellent product finish and colour matching
Excellent profile matching with rounded surfaces to exactly match machine contours.
Easy to recycle without specialist plant
No toxic additives
No global ecological transport restrictions on the product
Suitable for waste to energy (Biomass Incineration with specialist plant)    
Low volumes 50 - 2000 units, no need for tooling or minimum material quantity, NCT production
Low cost option for minimum volume 2,000 - 5000 units
Low cost option for minimum volume 5,000 - 40,000 units
Production volume in excess of 40,000 Units  


Plastic Accessories

Typical plastic accessories offered: Doors, Stability Feet, Caps, and Profiles.

KE engineering department offer plastic accessories design to optimise strength and aesthetics of show faces using the following manufacturing processes:

  • Injection moulding
  • Vacuum and pressure forming.

Plastics offered include: ABS, FRHIPS, HIPS, PC-ABS, PP, PE.

We maximise the efficiency of mould tools, including wherever possible, trim pieces and common parts. Our toolmakers refine the initial design using mould flow analysis software, centralising entries to ensure even material distribution and checking draft angles to ensure clean injection.

KE utilise rapid prototyping 3D printing to replicate small plastic parts. Textured surfaces can be supplied to any Standex Pattern reference. Typical lead times tool production and first batches 75 days from order.


Electrical Options

KE have extensive experience incorporating the following electrical components into our sheet metal products:

  • Cabling & cable management
  • Connectors
  • Thermal management, fans, heaters and sensors