A wide variety of door designs are available, KE can provide cost savings to the client by producing high quality plastic doors when sufficient product volumes are available.









KE Cabinets Standard OptionsFixings

KE provide a positive location for the machine on the cabinet using bespoke steel pins that attach using threaded inserts. Bespoke brackets are available to enable machine and peripheral accessory attachments (such as collators) to attach to the cabinet.






Stability Feet

KE Cabinets Standard OptionsKE engineers in conjunction with the OEM ascertain the need and design of stability feet. Plastic or metal feet of varying designs can be offered to suit different aesthetics and performance criteria. KE offer fast fit clip-in stability feet with no screws required. Adjustable levelling feet are also available if required.







KE Cabinets Standard OptionsStandard KE castors are rated between 60-80 kg load bearing capacity (LBC) each, depending on performance requirements.

  • Castor body available as field replacement part
  • Twin locking castors as standard on KE product to prevent accidental movement of cabinet
  • High strength virgin nylon only on KE cabinets
  • Strong castor peg plates riveted to steel base

Weather robust castors are also available (80kg LBC) to prevent failures in very cold climates (down to -15 degrees C)



KE offer a range of different hinge arrangements to suit customer needs.


KE Cabinets Standard OptionsLocks

We can  provide  custom locking solutions for paper trays and cabinets.