The main stages for the production of the sheet steel components used in the photocopier cabinets are stamping, punching, forming, MIG & TIG or spot welding, a five stage iron phosphate pre-treatment process followed by fully automated electrostatic powder painting.

Significant investment has been made in metal stamping, folding and plastic mould tooling to ensure all products meet and maintain our client’s high quality standards at a competitive price in a global market.

KE flexible, automated facilities ensure high quality and quick delivery





KE Painting

Our factories are equipped with fully automated 5 stage Iron phosphate pre treatment, fully automated reciprocators, on line booth, including powder recovery sieve and recycle facility, 103 metre conveyor tracks with curing oven on line. Auto electrostatic powder coating, paint thickness between 60 – 90 microns as specified. Offline booth available for smaller quantities and prototypes. KE colour matching standard +/- 0.5 delta e (LAB scale).






KE Cabinets ManufacturingKE Assembly

Our Automatic assembly lines incorporate:

  • Full electro mechanical and pneumatic assembly
  • Threaded insert and riveting for pre or post powder coating operations
  • Roller conveyor packing line.
  • Facilities to palletise and stretch wrap larger quantities of products.