KE Group’s flexibility and modern manufacturing operations are the key to our success. A team of skilled engineers is supported by state of the art CAD/CAM technology together with modern sheet metal fabricating, welding, folding, CNC controlled punching, pressing and cutting and assembly facilities. DNC software within our design offices ensure accurate, efficient off-line programming and rapid prototyping facilities.






KE Manufacturing Processes

Our highly experienced engineers & technicians work to international quality standards, using the following manufacturing processes:

  • NCT punching
  • Tooled metal power press stamping & folding
  • Twin axis programmable back gauge folding
  • MIG, TIG and robotic welding for mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium
  • Gas welding and stick welding facilities
  • Spot welding and stud welding
  • Guillotining, notching and finishing machinery
  • Laser cutting for complex components
  • Machined lathe turned parts
  • Fly pressing & hydraulic corner notching
  • Inserts – We utilise a wide range of inserts including bushes, studs and pins
  • Auto feed facilities for large quantities of inserts at increased output rates. We also fabricate tubular steel and profiles to complement sheet metal products


KE InnovationKE flexible, automated facilities ensure high quality and quick delivery

Our CNC punch press facilities consist of

  • 2x Finn-power CNC Machines
  • 1x FC3015 Laser Cutting Machine
  • 5x AMADA CNC Bending Machine

We also have auxiliary facilities such as riveting machines and small punch press facilities etc. We have 30 Stamping machines, the maximum Chin Fong 250 tonne and the minimum Chin Fong 45 tonne, we also have Multi-Shaft Tapping facilities and various welding machines.




Integrated Engineering & Manufacturing

We use integrated ERP software that interfaces with all group operations. KE offer a comprehensive range of project management services from sheet metal fabrications to full electrical and electro mechanical assembly services for complete products or sub-assemblies.








KE Coating/Painting

Powder Coating and wet painting services are available. Auto Electrostatic powder coating, paint thickness between 60 – 90 microns as specified. Our factories are equipped with fully automated 5 Stage Iron phosphate pre treatment, fully automated reciprocators, on line booth, including powder recovery sieve and recycle facility, 103 metre conveyor tracks with curing oven on line.








KE offer high quality finishing, de-burring, dressing and polishing of welds, in preparation for powder coating or plated finishes.


KE Screen Printing

We can provide product markings and branding using accurate automatic feed silk screen printing lines.


KE Innovation Assembly

KE Assembly

Our Automatic assembly lines incorporate:

  • Full electro mechanical and pneumatic assembly facilities
  • Threaded insert and riveting facilities are available in our assembly shop for pre or post powder coating operations
  • Roller conveyor packaging line facility for complex flat-pack packaging options
  • Facilities to palletise and shrink wrap larger quantities of products